Finding a Free CNA Study Guide

At this point, you have already conquered several obstacles. You have proven yourself able to meet all six of the requirements to begin CNA training, you have completed all of the necessary training courses and now you are facing the final obstacle in your road to becoming a Certified Nurses Assistant—the certified nursing assistant exam. With both a written and a practical exam, sufficient preparation is a definite must. By using a study guide, you will be able to streamline your studying and be more confident in your level of preparation. Several study guides are available, many of which are free. The following information will help you both locate and choose the best free CNA study guides.

Practice Tests

A great way to prepare for any exam is to take a full-length practice test. There are several free practice tests online, but make sure to select a test that closely resembles the actual test you will be taking. One excellent source for free practice tests online can be found at This site offers a full, 70-question test and allows you to go back over the exam after you have completed it to review the questions you missed. Any questions you miss will have an in depth explanation for why your answer was incorrect. This test very closely resembles the actual exam in the topics covered, the level of difficulty, the number of questions, the time limit, navigations and even the appearance of the exam. If you would rather practice with a paper test offers a full-length practice test/answer sheet/answer key PDF file that you are free to download and print.

Training Videos

To study for the hands-on portion of the test, begin reviewing your skills with the free CNA training videos available at Watching the videos, you can refresh all the skills that you learned through your training courses. also offers a variety of training videos to help you prepare. This site is also able to provide exact CNA testing information for each applicant.

Phone Applications

While it may not be available to everyone, those that have an iPhone, iPod or iPad are able to take advantage of a free and easily accessible resource through the Apple Applications store. At, you can download a free CNA study guide application. Easy to use at any time, this guide includes 152 questions, quiz cards and enjoyable quiz formats that test your skill level and knowledge to help you better prepare for your upcoming CNA exam.

While there may seem to be an insurmountable amount of information to retain and review, there are resources to help you pass your CNA exam. In addition to reviewing the notes you took in training, take advantage of the many other free resources available online such as the free full length practice tests, the skills training videos and even downloads from application stores! Prepare with your free study guide aids and take your exam with confidence!

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