NNAAP Nurse Aide Exam

What is the NNAAP Nurse Aide Exam?

When you are studying for your certification exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, a CNA, the test you are studying for is technically called the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program, the NNAAP. Most people call it the NNAAP nurse aid exam. The NNAAP nurse aid exam is administered by the American Red Cross.

The exam consists of two parts. One part is known as the written test and has seventy multiple choice questions. The written section ask more general and basic questions on medical concepts and medical procedures. The practical section tests you on your clinical and practical skills and includes five randomly selected tasks you must perform. You will be judged by your practical knowledge and understanding, and your ability to carry out the assigned tasks with confidence and poise. Those who have taken the exam report that the practical part of the test is more challenging than the written part of the exam.

Training for the NNAAP Nurse Aide Exam

Schools will give programs that last from a few weeks to three months to prepare people to become a CNA and to pass the NNAAP  nurse aide exam. There are also online programs and classes available. School-based classes will include classroom training focused on the written part of the exam followed by several clinical sessions where hands on practical skills can be learned and practiced. The clinical training is administered under the supervision of a staff of registered nurses and is often carried out on actual patients.

Practice Exams and Study Questions for the NNAAP Nurse Aide Exam

One advantage to NNAAP  nurse aide exam practice is the confidence you get gain through the repetition of taking several practice tests. It has been demonstrated that nursing NNAAP  nurse aide exam scores improve when you take practice tests. When it comes time to take the actual exam you will be ready to do your very best.

By practicing the NNAAP  nurse aide exam you will better understand how the test is administrated and you will be familiar with the format. This can ease some of the nervousness that is associated with taking the exam. With sufficient practice and repetition taking the test will be second nature.

Practicing the NNAAP  nurse aide exam can also reveal your weaknesses and areas that you need to concentrate your studies. Many online test will assist you in your studies by giving you review questions and explanations in areas where give incorrect answers. Taking practice tests helps reveal weak areas that need restudy. By the time you finish with your practice exams, you will be comfortable with the format and familiar with the material and be ready to pass certification on your first attempt.

Investment in practice NNAAP nurse aide exams study questions is cheaper than retaking the exam. Not to the mention the all the time and effort it would save you. Instead of spending all that time on preparing for a retake, you can be using that time jump starting your career and making money as a CNA..

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